Courtney Rose(non-registered)
Hi Melissa!
Thank you so much! the photographs are just so beautiful! I can't believe how well you adapted to two dogs and Camila running around! Unbelievable, the photos capture the positive energy!
Michael Chansley(non-registered)
Hi Melissa! Great website! Hope you can make our next PUG meeting!
brian windsor(non-registered)
Robert Henderlong & Robert Henderlong Photographhy(non-registered)
Very nice site and work... Melissa. I'm located in Tucson and do Desert Wildlife Photography. Come visit my work on Fb and my web site at
bill grinonneau(non-registered)

Great site. Your photos are awesome. Look forward to seeing you at the Tucson Photo Meetup
gary from vegas (kingman)(non-registered)
AWESOME!!!! When you said you were a photographer, you weren't kidding. You do a great job of capturing the colour and intricacy of our world.
R.D. Fischer(non-registered)
I saw your photo on Adorama's website. Exceptional photography Melissa!
Victor Soledad(non-registered)
Woow I love this site. Wonderful . Congratulation Melissa
Melissa, Wow! Didn't know you had this website! Absolutely beautiful collection! You make me want to go out and shoot! :)
Daisaku Dixon(non-registered)
Beautifully caught images. It was nice to meet you and I'll be looking forward to your critique towards my photos.
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